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Freedom Watchers Groups social media site is free; this is your voluntary contribution to support us in bringing it to you.

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Freedom Watchers Groups is Stone Bandana‘s social media site. Feel free to express yourself with your right to free speech – !
What an amazing idea.

We do nothing with your data other than use your email for registration, and, should you choose to receive emails, you’ll receive emails from the Freedom Watchers Groups website, or Stone Banadana, and you can easily opt out from those.

Email us at if you need help with this setting, or tag @Ed or @Vicktorya on Freedom Watchers Groups for the email settings on that site.

We focus on best sources, but anyone can set up their own group and post what you like — no hassles, no fees, no advertising.

If you can help us out in providing this informational and educational social media service, we thank you greatly.

Ed & Vic

For paper-based checking, feel free to post us a check, made out to:
V. Stone
PO Box 255
North Billerica
MA 01862



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