Season 2 Hard Road Souls. Episode 3: Bumpy Roads

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Tony compromises with the old traditional ways of his parent’s as the tidal wave of his generation’s attitudes struggle to be the norm. He feels the strong undertow of freedom, independence, and responsibility as he learns lessons from each of his encounters and from what he witnesses in the world. Tony soul grows wiser by retaining the knowledge from his past and applies it to the future.

The Federal Agents become more comfortable in role playing their undercover characters, and less comfortable with who they really are, and the Agency itself, wondering more often who they really are and for whom do they work?

Hammer’s genuine love and care smooths out Lena’s bumpy ride and she fills in his huge holes of confusion from the horrors in Vietnam. Hammer reconnects to his youthful enthusiasm as Jerry Wilson and he finds peace and pleasure, and looks forward to the future with his Little Lady.


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