Season 1 Youthful Innocence Lost. Episode 1: Awakening Young Souls


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The first episode of Rebel Souls, Season One, Youthful Innocence Lost, is Awakening Young Souls.

This episode inaugurates an historically-documented saga about two souls born free, believing their hopes and dreams could come true. Ride along with Lena and Tony on the roadway of life as they encounter forces intent to tame their rebellious souls.

Episode One introduces you to both characters and their first recollections of a simple time in their life, a time of innocence. Think back to your first recollections and join Lena and Tony on their journey in our first episode. Scenes from John F. Kennedy inauguration, Duck and Cover, Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam War provide backdrop to a young girl who wants a horse and a boy who needs a Harley.

Awakening Young Souls, public debut September 26th, 2017, on the Stone Bandana website:


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