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​"Destiny decides who crosses your path in your life, but your heart decides who you allow to touch and remain in your soul for eternity".

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Season Two
Rebel Souls, Unintended Destiny - Hard Road Souls!

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With their Youthful Innocence Lost, Lena and Tony shape their future, never forgetting the lessons they learned from the pleasures and hardships they endured. With the 1960s and the outset of the 1970s just a glance away, like an image in the rear-view mirror, the rapidly changing times alter their destiny in unintended ways as more forks in the road require their attention. At times it was tough reflecting back on what could have been the easy path to take, but as Rebellious Souls learn when searching for adventure, looking forward is the only direction life allows you to go to find your destiny.

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Episode - 6 Danger Curves!

Tony casts aside all caution and pursues adventure in more ways than one. Lena’s hopes and dreams come with ups and downs, requiring more patience as her paths change. Big Dog feels the power he searches for, but quickly learns power and muscle don’t always result in control as matters get completely out of hand.




MEMORIES Unexpected Greeting



Episode - 5 Throttling Up

The Agency uses their new muscle to take control of an explosive situation.

Lena and Hammer look forward to the future, handling the good and bad through quality time on weekend getaways that help wash heartaches away.

Tony enjoys his youthful form of brotherhood and deals with lingering problems as they come his way. He discovers how some problems are an easy fix, while others require force to remedy. True friendships and good vibes for his brothers grow stronger, and new loves fire up his life.

Weekend Getaway!

Wedding Biker Style

Got Away This Time

Home Sweet Home

Episode - 4 Repairs

After traveling bumpy roads and new joys, Tony and Lena are on new paths, knowing they have the power in themselves to repair the unavoidable wrong turns on the roadway of life. Work builds character, and new loves take them to greater heights. After Tony unleashes his developed power, he realizes he must find a way in himself to control it. Constant questions and mysteries, decisions and choices must be navigated to avoid that next pothole.

The Big Dogs of the Federal Agency feel the bite from new and old friends and foes and they are forced to repair the road they are on. Duty and loyalty come into question.

Get Away!

Dream Getaway

The Welcome Wagon

Episode 3 - Bumpy Roads

Tony compromises with the old traditional ways of his parent's as the tidal wave of his generation’s attitudes struggle to be the norm. He feels the strong undertow of freedom, independence, and responsibility as he learns lessons from each of his encounters and from what he witnesses in the world. Tony soul grows wiser by retaining the knowledge from his past and applies it to the future.

The Federal Agents become more comfortable in role playing their undercover characters, and less comfortable with who they really are, and the Agency itself, wondering more often who they really are and for whom do they work?

Hammer’s genuine love and care smooths out Lena's bumpy ride and she fills in his huge holes of confusion from the horrors in Vietnam. Hammer reconnects to his youthful enthusiasm as Jerry Wilson and he finds peace and pleasure, and looks forward to the future with his Little Lady.

The Finest Wine, Women, and Song!

The Finest, Wine, Women, and Song

Building A Dream Machine

Two Souls Cleansing Their Minds

Freedom, Independence, and Responsibility

Brotherhood and Comradery

Just the Sound of a Motorcycle Enraged Him!

Episode 2 - Potholes

Lena harnesses a boldness that brings solace and transforms into a dilemma. Tony finally receives answers which result in more questions and challenges. The Big Dogs grow more concerned about being bitten as they seek answers, and deal with doubt.

Tony's Chopper and Their Experiences

Liberation Celebration!

Bigger Dogs

Just A Little Cafe

Pathway to Dreams

Episode 1 - What If?

In What If? Lena's and Tony’s youthful innocence has taken the blows which maturing brings, and now they are second guessing their decisions and accepting the consequences of theirs and others actions. Life leads them to search their souls for answers on some Hard Roads. What ifs are not just limited to those losing their Youthful Innocence, as you will discover in this episode.

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If you missed Season One:

Youthful Innocence Lost

Take a ride on the roadway of life with Lena and Tony in this new epic saga. Experience the unexpected turns they face as they dare to fulfill their dreams to satisfy their Souls. The life voyages of Lena and Tony in “Rebel Souls, Unintended Destiny,” will take you on their journeys to some of the most majestic places across America and around the globe. Share the excitement and heartbreak from their encounters that develop and shape the Soul.

Join us on the historically-documented, realistic fiction adventure on their roadway of life for the ride that will leave you asking the question, what’s in your Soul? Every Soul has a form of rebellion in its own way.

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I have to say that this is one of the most honest reads I have ever read. It goes right to the core of where America went wrong. It is deep it is honest and it is some of the most inspiring reads I have ever read.. I would recommend this to true Americans who grew up in the 60's who's life was supposed to be a certain way. Your life is YOUR life. You live it the way you want. I highly recommend this book to the ones who want the truth.

J. A.

"Readers who have finished Season One say: "I'm going through withdrawals."

Get a good addiction: read it."

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Losing Youthful Innocence

When you are young you long to reach early adulthood and the thrills and excitement it brings never thinking about the responsibilities and realities that come with it.

Decisions do have consequences.

Both Lena and Tony get a taste of the good life and the pleasures life brings but reality has other plans for their loss of youthful innocence.

Life Is A Gamble A Game Of Chance For Your Life!

Life Is A Gamble  A Game Of Chance For Your Life!

You Really Knock Me Out!

A Really Big Deal

Spicing Up Life

Spicing Up Life

I would recommend this to true Americans ...

Respect and Consequences

Tony and Lena both discover that the problems they faced in their younger years seem so innocent and naïve as compared to the question and problems they are confronting as young adults.

Lena’s new adventures develop her ability to question if she is receiving enough respect or being taken for granted. Stan gets Hammered. Lena learns to move on as Stan has other plans.

Tony learns a life lesson about respect. He learns respect is something that can’t be demanded, respect is something that is earned through actions. Tony finds the rewards of the thrill of the chase and takes a hard stand and is willing to take action and do what needs to be done.

It's the Time of The Season For A Shotgun Wedding!

The Magic of the Mountains

A Great Day For A Ride?

Just a friendly Game?

loving this!


Soul Quests

Coming of age presents new challenges and excitement!

Lena gets Hammered while questioning even more the intent of her relationship. She experiences being blown by the wind from a completely new and daring escapade.

Tony encounters the strong arm of the Establishment returning home from a voyage. An unexpected encounter with another one of the Vietnam War realities results in a new friendship, a brother of another color. Both Lena and Tony become caught up in the sexual revolution and its ups and downs when it comes to relationships.

Destiny. Everything happens for a reason

The Truth Comes Marching Home

It's all about the torque!

Wind Therapy

real life..

Freedoms vs The Deep State

Lena loves, laughs and wants more of life. She gets it and takes a necessary precaution. Magical, musical times conflict with mixed messages. Do others have plans for her?

Tony finally tastes the freedom he has been longing for and immediately learns there is a price that comes with freedom and pleasure. Things get Crazy as in ladies, booze and on the road. The Deep State Establishment has other plans.

What the Hell?

A Revolution of A Sexual Nature

For Your Own Protection!

Grooving of an Official Nature

Keep them coming !

Love's Games

As Lena adapts to city life and matures, new loves, friends and fascinations come her way and the new age deals her more cards.

After a major life altering disappointment Tony finds a different form of love and discovers that love and disappointment sometimes go hand in hand. All across the country America’s youth have growing concerns discovering the coming of age has a price as the Vietnam War and the Draft Lottery plays a big part in determining their future.

Love at First Sight!


Rebellion's Heartbreaks this Series !!!

Love, Deception, & Speed

Lena adapts to city life and the challenges which come with it all, while developing her first serious crush. She also discovers the ups and downs of racing and that she has a fighting side.

Tony’s enjoyment of the rewards that result from his hard work and effort is interrupted when he learns pleasures come with a cost. He once again raises question relating to the JFK assassination as he becomes even more confused about humanity and the quest for peace. Tony finds that he is forced to constantly stand up to challenges life lays out in front of him. Tony experiences first-hand the hypocrisy of words and actions as the Vietnam War rages on!

The Racers' Souls

Welcome Home

Thank You. When we all fell in love.

5.0 out of 5 stars FABULOUS !!!!!

Fanning The Flames

Lena enters a new world when the family leaves the country for the concrete jungle. Life is now full of peers and pecking orders that lead to guilt and confusion as new friends, infatuations, and the scent of fear go hand in hand.

Tony’s hostilities grow as the only way to fight fire is with fiercer and higher flames from his Soul, disregarding any consequences. He digs deep to change disappointment into determination and is rewarded by responsibility and patience while finding the world to be an increasingly cold and dangerous place. The Vietnam War continues.

Bye Bye Country Life


A Cold One!

... Couldn't put it down. It's great when you can relate to the people and the places ...

Facebook Friend


Tony questions the true meanings of peace and love, while Lena questions man’s overall role in the grand scope of things and the meaning of carpe diem!

With questions about the Establishment’s involvement in Vietnam already embedded in Tony’s head, he is forced to evaluate even more mysteries as he learns about the fate of the Men of Peace. Surrounded by hostilities from all sides, Tony must search for a balance using fun to offset harsh realities.

Lena searches for meaning from the vast corners of the universe to balance positive thinking against life’s realities but learns no matter how positive you choose to think, changes are just around the corner on the roadway of life.

Carpe Diem!

Do People Just Disappear?


I'm truly enjoying this book. So much I can identify with at my age. It is well written such a Good read.

Janice Antonelli

Family & Friends Influence Souls

Travel through the 1960s to the Summer of Love. Young souls encounter the family attitudes on matters of love, war, peace, and politics from turbulent times affecting everyone’s lives.

Under the new presidential administration, the War in Vietnam escalates and the concerns of parents and friends become just a part of the everyday lessons learned by young developing souls.

The curiosity when entering the early teenage years are a time with new joys and interests, but can also be a time of confusion. The first impressions of determining what is wrong and what is right and what just feels right is still in question.

Every generation experiences these meaningful years with each experience shaping the next mile forward onthe Roadway of Life.

Determination and Defiance!



First episode done. Absolutely loved it! Can’t wait for the next one.

Susan Hurley

Awakening Young Souls

The first episode of Rebel Souls, Season One, Youthful Innocence Lost, is Awakening Young Souls.

This episode inaugurates a series of the epic saga, inspired by true events. This series includes historical events and the lives of two souls born free, believing their hopes and dreams could come true.

Ride along with Lena and Tony on the roadway of life as they encounter forces intent to tame their rebellious souls.

Episode One introduces you to the two main characters and their first recollections of a simple time in their life, a time of innocence.

Think back to your first recollections and join Lena and Tony on their journey in our first episode. Scenes from John F. Kennedy inauguration, Duck and Cover, Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam War provide backdrop to a young girl who wants a horse and a boy who needs a Harley.

Good Guys?

Good Guys?

Bad Guys?

Thoughts of Innocence

There is a free spirit the exists in all of us which is expressed in different ways from the paths we decide to take in our lives.