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Bandana Ed regularly offers his thoughts on current events, providing historical context and emphasizing the implications of action and inaction, with common sense conclusions and pointed questions. 

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New Series: The Pendulum

What are your political views, and how much do you Value Your Freedoms and Cherish Your Liberty?
The Political Pendulum Swings With A Hypnotic Effect. Left to Right, Right to Left, Left to Right, and Right to Left Again and Again until Freedom and Liberty Is Completely Eroded Away

SSN The Political Pendulum Ep 1 PT I: Corruption on both sides of the aisle. Global Agenda of Control

SSN The Political Pendulum EP I PT II: Betrayal, The Constitution, and Fear

SSN The Political Pendulum EP I PT III: The Agenda Biodiversity 15 Minute Cities and their purpose!

SSN The Pendulum; JFK Assassination 59 years ago, Cooperate or else! (Long version)